For Sales

  • Sort list… in the order you prefer.
  • See ‘new items’ only…  Print hard copies as needed.
  • Full bond descriptions…Assure more accurate trades.
View the offerings…
Write a ticket…
  • An item is selected from the offering list (at the top), a ticket is presented (above) and the current offering is shown to verify availability.
  • The rep completes the order according to the rules established by the firm and implemented by the system.
  • The rep reviews the ticket before submission, thereby minimizing entry errors
  • Order sends the trade to the desk for review and approval.
See the numbers…
  • No more guessing about the accrued interest or total money on a proposed trade.

Create Offering Lists…  select bonds to email to your customer.

Trade info available to reps & managers…

  • The rep can check their open & closed orders.
  • View past trades.
  • Production by rep lets you identify your top performers.