Desktop Bond Calculator Timeline

Monroe 3180

1989 - Present • 3180 Trader II


1979 - 1989 • Monroe Trader 1980


1973-1979 • Monroe 360/65
(also sold as Compucorp)


1971-1973 • Monroe 1272
(also sold as Compucorp 250)


  The Monroe 3180©

  • All the standard features desired in a desk top unit.
  • Familiar keyboard design makes learning quick, especially for uses of older models
  • Calculate to Maturity and two calls.
  • A desktop bond calculator is always ready to do your price/yield calculations regardless of what's on your computer!

Repair of Monroe 3180 Bond Calculators

Zia is no longer directly involved in the repair of Monroe 3180 bond calculators. Our former employee, John Donagher, has relocated to North Carolina and we have passed the repair business to him.

Products for repair should be shipped to:

John Donagher
1544 Colonist Square Southwest
Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Telephone: 910-755-5230

You will be invoiced directly by John. He will take full responsiblity for his work and for the shipment of calculators. While Zia cannot guarantee the work, we highly recommend John and have the highest confidence in his ability.